About Us


Daniel & Kieng Do, Pharmacists are proprietors of Visionary Health Compounding Chemist. Rosh Shamley, Alan Malouf & Rod Campbell are experienced compounding pharmacists who assist. 

Visionary Health is unique.  It combines the separate health benefits of nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, amino acid formulations, specialized nutraceuticals and homeopathy, with compounded prescription hormone and compounded  pharmaceutical treatments.

The compounding chemists work with naturopaths, herbalists, homeopathy practitioners, general practitioners and medical specialists to improve the health of our patients.

Roch Shamley

(Pharmacist, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionalist, Homeopathy practitioner)

Roch has the skills to combine or use any of the healing modalities in the treatment of a wide range of chronic and acute disease states.  For many years Roch has successfully treated CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and maintains a strong interest in preventive medicine and customer education.  Working from blood and urine test results, he blends amino acid complexes to suit individual requirements.

Alan Malouf

(Pharmacist, Compounding Chemist, Research and Development)

Alan, whose keen interest in compounding has led him to design and produce new and innovative formulae to treat a wide range of diseases states.  This is often done in conjunction with medical practitioners.  Alan uses his wealth of pharmacy experience to educate customers.  He places a strong emphasis on treatment of bio-identical hormone replacement for women and men, treatment of cardiovascular disease, anti-ageing,  ADHD and autism.

David Henderson

David is a orthomolecular medicine  Nutritionist  and Remedial Therapist who practises in rooms attached to Visionary Health. With over 25 years experience as a Health practitioner, David can assist in Hormonal Balancing, Weight Loss,  Anti-Ageing,  ADHD,  Autism, Immune Dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue, Cardiovascular disorders, and Arthritis.  See profile under Practitioner.