Anti-Ageing Skin Care

Premature or accelerated ageing can be linked to poor health, bad nutrition, lack of exercise, and these can subsequently lead to changes in the skin consistent with those of ageing.

Wrinkles. After menopause women seem to age faster. Wrinkles appear & spread quicker than ever, skin loses its elasticity & youthful smoothness.  To a large extent this seems to result from the decline in estrogen levels after the menopause.

In consultation with Visionary Health’s orthomolecular practitioner your hormone blood levels can be tested as well as many other bodily parameters.  For cosmetic anti-ageing – externally used creams and other topical “outside” treatments must be accompanied by the oral taking of nutritional supplements, anti-oxidants and hormones.

Therapy can assist with:

  • Wrinkle and fine line reduction

  • Enhanced collagen / elastin synthesis and repair

  • Younger, smoother skin

  • Cellulite treatment

  • Pore minimizing

  • Skin clarity

  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation

  • Restoring skin moisture

Anti-ageing pyramid

Case Study 1

Result: As the bio-identical hormone levels improved so did the lady’s appearance. Fine lines were fading . Tissue elasticity reduced the wrinkle formation. The Himalayian  Tissue Salts rehydrated her skin, which was also regaining some of the smoothness of her former years. The bio-identical hormones made her skin look years younger. The Vitamin C serum  added a smooth texture  and a fresh appearance to her skin. The lady believes this treatment is the best value for money she has ever had.

Problem: A lady with perimenopausal symptoms requested help. She was noticing her body ageing quickly and disliked the reflection in her mirror. Her face was dehydrated, showing wrinkles & cats claws. Her skin looked weathered & sallow. She has lost a deal of self confidence in her appearance. We referred her to an anti-ageing doctor to have her hormone levels checked.

Treatment: The doctor evaluated her symptoms & requested a blood test. He recommeded she take the following.

  1. An age defying anti-oxidant supplement
  2. Himalayian Mineral salts to rehydrate her skin
  3. A bio-identical hormone lozenge  tailor made for her deficiencies
  4. Use a Vitamin C serum topically.

Case Study 2

Problem: A mature lady  Mrs. M.C. lived in Scone N.S.W. , the thoroughbred horse capital of Australia. Being a property owner she had suffered sun damage  & ageing to her skin over the years. She requested our assistance.

Treatment: We referred her to an anti-ageing physician who undertook blood tests to evaluate her hormonal status,  adrenal & thyroid  condition . Results showed her needed :

  1. A bio-identical hormone prescription in a lozenge form
  2. A natural thyroid supplement
  3. An iodine, Selenium , B12 & Zinc supplement
  4. A prescription only estrogen + progesterone cosmetic cream for her face.

Results: A few weeks later Mrs. C. rang to request a repeat of the prescription face cream. She felt a lot more active, had lost some weight & has more energy. When asked why she would need more facial cream in such a short time, she replied that someone in  her household has stolen her cream because her youthful looks were returning & she was getting complements from friends. When asked if her daughter was living at home , she said she did but suspected it was the husband who stole the cream to use for himself, as he was jealous of all the youthful comments & she was making him look older!