Autism / Attention Deficit Disorder

If you have been told there is nothing you can do to heal a child with autism spectrum disorders, there is hope…

Autistic children or those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) can be a challenge to treat and give medication to.  Visionary Health work with medical and other practitioners to treat neurological conditions such as ADHD, allergies, asthma, autism, dyslexia, eczema & learning delay. Some of the biomedical treatments which can be provided, under the direction of your doctor or naturopath, include:

  • Methylcobalamin B12 transdermal creams, oral capsules or lozenges for improved cognition
  • Melatonin sleep drops, on prescription
  • Zinc drink, zinc drops, zinc transdermal cream or zinc tablets for immune function and metallothionein protein production
  • Magnesium glycinate capsules and oral powder for hyperactivity, nervousness.  Magnesium glycinate is known as “the great relaxer”
  • Zeolite drops for chelating heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and aluminium
  • Multi-metal D-tox drops for lead, copper and heavy metal contamination
  • R-Alpha lipoic acid capsules and transdermal creams for heavy metal chelation, as per DAN protocol
  • Reduced Glutathione transdermal creams for liver detoxification and binding heavy metals
  • Tri-salts urine alkalizers to improve elimination of toxins
  • Specialized compounded combination nutrient supplements,  gluten and casein free in capsules or natural flavour powder as prescribed by Pfiffer protocol medical practitioners
  • Methionine capsules for liver methylation and intestine repair as prescribed
  • Glutamine S R capsules for protecting and healing the intestinal mucosa in “leaky gut syndrome”, as prescribed.   Glutamine is one of the amino acids involved in Glutathione synthesis.
  • Parasite and Pathogen Purge, 200mls for imbalanced gut bacteria / candida
    • compounded anti-candidal antibiotic suspensions (on prescription)
    • anti-candidal herbal liquid tonics, tablets & potent odourless garlic capsules
  • Professional strength Dysbiosis probiotics to institute healthy flora and reduce candida overgrowth
  • E. Coli Nissle Probiotics to restore correct balance of E. Coli in the intestine and actively antagonise pathogens
  • Footsie Detox foot Patches:- reduce swelling and absorb toxins released from the feet
  • Essential omega-3 fatty acids, in a flavoured solution, for nervous system support
  • Floradix liquid herbal iron and vitamin extract
  • Children’s nutrition oral powder with colostrum and immunoglobulins for normal healthy development
  • Children’s nervous support oral powder for learning disabilities with Bacoba, Ginko, Gotu Kola and fish oil
  • Homeopathic phenolic formulations – desensitizing drops for candida, toxins, neurodysfunction
  • Lugol’s Iodine Drops for intestinal yeast overgrowth, lethargy and learning disabilities
  • Dimethylglycine (DMG) and Trimethylglycine (TMG) – methyl donors that support healthy homocysteine metabolism and optimal liver function for undermethylators
  • For all ages :  Polylax tasteless laxative powder – dissolve in water, also psylium/milk of magnesia.
  • Epsolm Salts for baths & Epsolm Salt Cream for topical application.
  • Referrals to: 
    Essential Moves, a Sensory Integration Programme for Children,

    2/33 Crescent Road,
    Waratah NSW 2298
    Ph.  02.49671205
  • For  integrative solutions & optimal development of your child   call into Visionary Health or phone 02-4969.5081 to make an appointment with the Mindd trained practitioner, David Henderson. ( see Practitioner)

Case Study

Problem: Ewan S. aged 8 years old from Newcastle was diagnosed with Autism. His mother, a school teacher, did not want to medicate him with conventional drugs. We referred her to a MINDD (Metabolic,Immunological,Neurological, Digestive Disorder) trained doctor who analyzied Ewans behaviour & requested urine tests, blood tests & hair analysis.

Treatment: The blood tests showed Ewan’s liver & gut were not functioning correctly. The urine tests showed a Copper/Zinc imbalance. The hair analysis showed a toxic level of lead. The doctor prescribed bio-medical nutritional supplements to address each of these disorders. Visionary Health had to compound the tailor made nutrient formula into a morning capsule & an evening capsule, designed to lower the heavy metal Copper & elevate the immune enhancing muneral Zinc. He was also given an essential fatty acid liquid to improve concentration . Heavy metal chelating drops were provided to bind & remove the lead . Digestive enzymes & probiotics treated the gut dysfunction.

Results: After a few weeks, Ewans mum reported that he was more settled. He would sit without fidgeting and not rock in his chair. His concentration and his schoolwork had noticeably improved. Further gains were expected with time as the body & the brain were being nourished with the correct nutrients required for normal healthy functioning.