Improved Health

Modern medicine does not give health, it only removes ill health”

Improved health or optimal wellness allows people to cope with the stresses and demands of the 21st Century – 24 hours/day and 7 days/week, thus enabling them to live life to the full.

For many years it was thought that we were able to get all the vitamins needed from food.  It is now known that this is not true.  Today food contains only 20% of the nutritional value which was previously present 80 years ago.

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Case Study:

Problem: Kerry S. is a slim man aged in his mid 50’s with blood pressure. He enjoys a drink or two each night to relax.  The medication prescribed by his doctor  was effective at controlling his blood pressure but the side effects of fatigue, memory lapse and loss of libido was impacting on his life. His doctor has made several changes to his blood pressure medication without improvement. Vitamins made little difference improving his problems.

Treatment: Kerry requested an alternative treatment even though blood pressure is a difficult ailment to treat. Our programme consisted of a natural enzyme reductase supplement , an amino acid powder & a relaxing mineral capsule. These items complemented the marine lipids he was already taking to lower his low density lipoprotein cholesterol. When Kerry’s doctor could see his blood pressure normalising, the blood pressure medication was halved initially and finally removed.

Result: Kerry now leads a normal life without annoying side effects. He checks his blood pressure daily with a digital blood pressure monitor.

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