New Diet Spray

How Can We Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, there is a way to lose weight quickly and safely! The Sublingual Hormone diet has helped hundreds of thousands worldwide to lose weight and engage in healthier lifestyles.

Some medical professionals are hailing weight loss with the hormone spray as a major breaktrough in losing weight and stubborn body fat.   This advanced weight loss program has a 100% SUCCESSFUL RESULT FOR PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW THE PLAN EXACTLY!  It is a prescription only, medical practitioner supervised program that is safe and has been developed to help people lose weight and keep it off.  It is supplied as a sublingual spray administered twice a day.


The Programme contains a sublingual hormone spray and a detailed diet manual. The spray contains a hormone normally produced by the body in both males and females in small amounts. In larger amounts the hormone in  the spray allows the body to metabolise fat and use it for energy, with no adverse effects. The fat burning effect of the spray both reduces weight and satisfies hunger. The result of the hormone spray is the mobilizing of approximately 2000-2500 calories worth of stored energy daily, culminating in the loss of 0.2-0.3kg of fat daily.  The energy released curbs your hunger, unlike other weight loss plans.

The advanced hormonal spray is new to Australia. However it has been used extensively in the USA.  The Sublingual Hormone Spray combined with a low calorie diet forms the weight loss programme.  The spray is not a homeopathic dilution.  It requires a medical practitioner’s prescription and detailed instructions, which are provided in an instruction manual, a recipe book and conselling.


This diet works!


Problem:  An active lady,in her 40’s, was exercising and eating well but could not shift weight she had gained around her stomach and buttocks.  She had been trying hard for a long time and was getting frustrated with no results.  Many of her clothes would not fit her.  She was referred to our naturopath for a consultation on weight loss.

Treatment:  Considering all options, the Hormone Diet was recommended. It was  suggested she speak to her medical practitioner regarding a prescription for the hormone sublingual spray.  The doctor reviewed her history acknowledging the hormone spray offered high success rates with minimal side effects.  The hormone spray prescription was written as required by law.

Results:  Several weeks after commencing the program, the lady was delighted to be 12 kgs lighter and 5cm thinner in her waist.  She made the following comments  –

  • The diet became easier after a few days.
  • Fat had been lost from her stomach & buttocks where she wanted  & not from her face 
  • She felt energetic as the fat burning had provided her body with a fuel source.
  • She felt healthier during the program as her liver had detoxified with the lack of chemicals from processed foods.
  • She saved money by not having to buy new outfits.
  • She saved money by avoiding groceries with sugar, starch and saturated fats.

Note:  Several months after the diet, the lady had maintained her weight loss.