What is Compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding is the science of the mixing of medicines and pharmaceutical drugs to fit the unique needs of the patient.

Pharmaceutical compounding:

  • Enables a trained pharmacist to prepare a tailor-made formulation for a patient
  • Allows a medical practitioner to prescribe an exact dose of a medication for his/her patient, instead of a one dose tablet/capsule fits all approach
  • Allows changing a medication from a solid tablet or capsule into a liquid
  • Allows the avoidance of a non-essential ingredient to which a patient may be allergic,  e.g. lactose.
  • Enables the improvement of the palatability of a medication by the addition of “favourite” flavours
  • Allows the preparation of medications which have been previously discontinued.

Areas of Medicine which can benefit from compounded products are listed on our About You page »

Case Study:

Problem: A day in her late 20’s requested help with her toe nails which were fungal infected. She spents a lot of time in joggers which contributes to the condition.

Treatment: We compounded a special anti-fungal paint containing a potent anti-mycotic agent, a calalyst to make it stronger  & made this in a penetrating nail paint with iodine, another broad sprectrum anti-microbe. The total preparation treats the condition from several angles. The patient was advised  to cut the nails back as far as possible & file the top of the nail down to assist absorption of the nail paint through the nail. She was advised this would take several months treatment as the fungal infection under the nail bed was difficult to access. Councelling on a new pair of joggers, sunning her joggers/other shoes inbetweem use & an anti-fungal absorbent dusting powder for her shoes were recommended.

Results: After several months the lady had normal healthy nails. She uses a water repellent anti-fungal ointment along her nail tip & the anti-fungal dusting powder in her joggers/shoes, to prevent reinfection. She is pleased the above treatment also prevents foot odour.